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You Are...

...successful in many areas of your life.  You basically like who you are and have accomplished and are enjoying a level success in certain areas of your life. All the while embracing your intelligence, expressing your creativity and utilizing personal development tools already in place.

Yet, there is an ache, a sense that there is something more. You are often an entrepreneur, usually financially stable and comfortable.

But, the ache... It is real and is continuing to get your attention.  Allow me to support you on this real and meaningful journey of you living your purposeful and peaceful life path on this planet, now. 


 Results Based Coach and Teacher.
My mission is Peace on Earth.
I help people cultivate and grow into
their own true path towards
 enthusiastic peace.

Fast Results Personal Coaching 
gets you OUT of anxiety, frustration,  confusion and overwhelm while allowing clarity, decisiveness, success and meaning
to infuse your
career and family life.


3 month
6 month
12 month







For over sixteen years, Marie-Claire Bernards, M.Ed., has been providing for her clients, confidential and effective compassionate coaching so that they may

find meaning and peace in their day-to-day responsibilities and experiences. 


Most people feel better after their first session and take with them lifelong tools.  


The results and positive benefits of weekly and monthly coaching with Marie-Claire are reflected in the fact that after their initial point of suffering has been

transformed and relieved, many of her clients choose to continue renewing
their personalized coaching program year after year.
Many clients have been coaching clients of Marie-Claire's for over 15 years.

Marie-Claire’s premise is that you are a perfect reflection of

of the Divine and You already have everything you need. 


Marie-Claire helps you shine light to the unseen areas within you.  

Her tools and strategies result in personal empowerment, encouraging

your experience of a more loving, meaningful, peaceful Life.



Willow Pond Personal Coaching

Sequim, WA 98382 USA


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