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 Marie-Claire Bernards
Personal & Business Coach and Teacher.
My mission is Peace on Earth.
I help people cultivate and grow into
their own true path towards
 enthusiastic peace.


Embracing the understanding that the best way to help the miserable of the world is to not be one of them.


Or, at least, being miserable for as little time as possible.  

Often, those miserable states of being we find ourselves in,

are indeed moments of grace which unfolds the miracle of

us discovering and delighting in finding our own self-understanding, peace, meaning and joy.


 I am living an abundant, happy, peaceful and joy filled life. My gratitude is overflowing and I am compelled to give back to this planet, its people and animals.  My goal is to help create world peace one person at a time. 

Beginning with myself, then teaching others to find that peace and send it rippling out into and through this Earth. 
This is very possible. I am living proof. Many people are living in this state of love, gratitude, joy and you can too.


By design, you have all you need. It's already within you.

Sometimes, you need a teacher, mentor, coach to remind you of your Divine nature.

Which allows you to wake up and release the non-present mind that

keeps you trapped into believing that all you see and think is all there is.


Our sweet Ego would have us believe that all resources and access

to all good things and happy experiences are limited or have expired.

This not true.

There are no limits except what we create in our own perception. 

The beauty is that all of the wonderful aspects of life are unlimited and available. 

There is no lack.  


 You can help You. 

By grace, you finding this site, your Spirit, The Divine, your true nature

is nudging you to listen to your heart and your spirit.

 It is time to trust the process of your unfoldment.  

You, becoming you- perfectly. What a marvelous journey you are on.  

I encourage you to be still and listen. 

You are loveable and loved more than you know.

The peace that brings understanding, joy and trust in the nature of Life is here now.

Please allow and trust this compassionate process that is your birthright.

 Love to you and all you are,  Marie-Claire

Marie-Claire Bernards
Compassionate Coaching for a more abundant, meaningful and peaceful life, everyday. 

Little things add up to big things.  Using the tools to realign yourself with Who You Are, you will begin to create space.  It is the space that provides you insight, patience, forgiveness, compassion and love for others and yourself.  This allows success in your business and personal life to expand and reflect all the gifts and joys of being you.

Before our session and time together, make sure you are hydrated, have a journal and are in a quiet space where you won't be disturbed.

It is the simple little tools and changes that will bring relief and encouragement to you immediately upon our first session.


My clients are usually, self starters, do their homework, practice the tools they learn, pay attention, take notes and don't mind meandering into the unknown or uncomfortable when they know this will lead them to their personal adventure and journey of learning to love who they are even more and be enthusiastically peaceful about it. 

We identify and remove blocks and teach you tools and strategies so that you may flow easily towards your crystal clear vision of success and joy. 

Many of my clients, after successfully moving through and growing with the initial reason or pain that caused them to contact me, continue to work with me as they move into new territories of self awareness and knowledge. Empowered, inspired, courageous and engaged with their life, I provide the support, coaching, and confidential presence which allows my clients to grow and allow their true path and being to shine and present meaning, peace and creativity into their daily lives. 

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